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Bi-weekly Critique-‘Cans festival 2008’

I love this design straight up it’s fun, funky and just plain awesome!The idea was so creative, a girl riding a paint can like a bull is just amazing and the graffiti symbolism is very subtle but well placed! I love it even more with it looking like a retro pin up girl. The warm grey scale used compliments it so well, the lack of colours make up for the design. It would of been ruined if the poster was coloured. It’s just so rustic looking like it came out of a different time.

The font I feel lets this design down a bit I admire that it’s bold and simple with a texture on it bit I feel it would do better with a more western look to it. The asymmetrical aspects are really thought well it is very well balanced. I love the giant pink blob right in the center of the poster it goes well. Overall I love it I can’t think of much I can say about not loving this.

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